Cyber Hygiene Security Overview

Training Program : Cyber Hygiene Security Overview


Course Objective:
  • Keep yourself & your organization abreast of the most current topic on Cyber security climate
  • Helps individual getting hands-on in managing organization Cyber- health with an approach that establish waves of cyber-security culture that pushes your limit for cyber-resilience
Course Outline:
  • Introduction
  • Module 1- Introduction to Cyber Hygiene Security
  • Module 2- Cyber Hygiene Business Case/Know your Information Risk Environment 
  • Module 3- Cyber Hygiene Requirements/Define your Cyber Security Goals & Objectives
  • Module 4- Cyber Hygiene Security Framework (CHSF)
  • Module 5- Cyber Hygiene Key Controls Objectives and Controls
Who should attend:

·         All SMEs

·         Any manager

·         Government Agencies

·         Management representatives of ISO/IEC 27001

·         IT managers

·         Systems managers

·         Compliance officer or managers

·         Information security officers

·         Those who will be involved in advising top management on the introduction of ISO 27001 into an organization

·         Anyone who have the IT or Cybersecurity responsibilities for companies or organization

Training Schedule


Q3 / Q4 2019


1 Day


RM 650




If you interested to join please submit your detail to:

Tel: +607-276 1251
Fax: +607-278 1251