Effective Email Writing Workshop

Training Program : Effective Email Writing Workshop

Course Objective:
  • Compose clear, concise written messages
  • Express your thoughts accurately
  • Realize what you have been saying incorrectly
  • Catch grammar mistakes quickly
  • Develop concise, logically organized paragraph
  • Compose impactful, easy-to-read headings
  • Chunk, cluster and subordinate ideas logically
  •  Write in plain English with correct syntax
  •  Get people to read & act on your message
Course Outline:
  • Use smart subject line
  • Remember short and simple sentences (KISS)
  • Active and not passive Voice
  • Use modern language / avoid redundant phrases
  •  The 4-point plan for structuring your message logically
  • Email Etiquette
  • Be Positive & Success Story Telling
Who should attend:
  • Entrepreneurs, Customer Service, Finance, Administrative, Human Resources, Sales Executives, Supervisors, Assistants
  •  Individuals who want to improve their email writing skills.

Training Schedule


Q3 / Q4  2019


9 am - 5 pm


RM 450








 If you interested to join please submit your detail to:

Tel: +607-276 1251
Fax: +607-278 1251