Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Workshop

Training Program : Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Workshop


Course Objective:

Learn and apply Systematic Inventive Thinking to deliver real workplace productivity and innovation at workplace that impact on the SDGs.


Course Outline:

This 30 day Action Learning based program is designed to provide the required competencies and skills to enable individuals within an organisation to select, undertake and complete micro innovation projects that are within their area of work and control in order to increase his or her work productivity. Participants will be taught the myiknowvasi® 4 step process and 6 tools to locate problems and opportunities for innovation within their sphere of influence and control, to utilize ideation tools to generate workable creative solutions, to plan and execute the solution and to measure the impact of the solution.

Who should attend:

·         Middle Managers

·         Team supervisors

·         Employees with individual work areas

Training Schedule


 Q3 / Q4  2019


1 Day + 30-Day Online Action Learning Project


RM 999




If you interested to join please submit your detail to:

Tel: +607-276 1251
Fax: +607-278 1251