Incubation Virtualisation Model (IVM)

The Incubation Virtualisation Model (IVM) initiated by MDeC in 2012 is aimed at transforming the incubation business model for incubators to facilitate the creation of digital entrepreneurs. Incubators that have fulfilled the requirements of IVM will have the capability, capacity and competency to offer a new range of services. For the IVM pilot programme, two services; Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) and Business Network Knowledge Exchange (BNEX), were specifically designed and customised to provide digital entrepreneurs the competitive edge that is required in today’s dynamic global business environment.

Technology Park Malaysia and MSC Cyberport are the pilot incubators which were selected for the IVM pilot programme. It is envisioned that the IVM will be mainstreamed across the nation to all MSC Malaysia Status Incubators in the near future to cater to the tremendous growth of digital entrepreneurs from across the industries and economic sectors. Incubators and incubatees are able to develop sustainable businesses and contribute effectively to their respective industry value chain. The pilot programme serves as a benchmark and pathfinder for all incubators and incubatees in the country.

With the advent of IVM, digital entrepreneurs are able to exponentially grow their businesses by capitalising and leveraging on the available resources, thus, focusing on the more crucial aspect of their business development activities.Digital entrepreneurs need not re-invent the wheel of business but merely integrate and adapt accordingly and at an instant gainaccess to the practical and advanced business tools and competencies at their fingertips. The steep learning curve would be a strategic advantage for the digital entrepreneurs and will maximise their business opportunities.

For more information about MSC Cyberport IVM, please contact
Cyberport Marketing Dept
+60 7-2761251

For more information about Technology Park Malaysia IVM, please contact:
Azrai’ Shu’ib
+60 3 8992 3000