Why Choose Us

Benefits of locating in the State of Johor :-

  • A strategic and cost effective base for ICT companies targeting emerging markets in Asia Pacific region.
  • Strategic Logistic Location with Land, Air and Sea linkages
  • A place to attract, retain and nurture professional talents with a dynamic international community
  • Opportunities for channel and market development at a relatively lower investment cost
  • Competitive rental and cheap workforce
  • Comparative advantage in terms of space and lower cost of doing business as compared with Singapore
  • Superlative quality of life
  • Widespread usage of English

Our Value Propositions

Strategic ICT Partner of IRDA
Besides hosting MSC Malaysia Status companies as the MSC Malaysia Cybercentre, MSC Cyberport works very closely with Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) to jointly promote and develop the ICT industry in Iskandar Malaysia. MSC Cyberport was involved in the development of both Johor State and Iskandar Malaysia ICT Blueprint.

Leveraging on Experience as PIKOM Southern Chapter Representative
In April 2009, MSC Cyberport has been elected as the representative for PIKOM Southern Chapter, which covers Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan whereby MSC Cyberport will provide the platform to facilitate PIKOM activities and seminars in the region. Through this avenue, MSC Cyberport will have a better insight of the ICT industry in the southern region and this will help MSC Cyberport to position ourselves better to work with State Government and IRDA to meet the demands and needs of ICT & MSC Malaysia communities.

Creation of an Innovation Ecosystem
MSC Cyberport recognizing the importance of developing an innovation ecosystem that allows ICT companies to thrive and succeed in Johor. Besides the infrastructure component, the ecosystem includes the aspect of talent development and funding access to the ICT companies. Combining this with the world-class business environment and low cost of both Menara and Bandar MSC Cyberport, we hope that ICT companies within MSC Cyberport Johor will be able to create new innovations and products for the global marketplace.

Sourcing of Knowledge Workers
In order to assist MSC Malaysia Status companies in MSC Cyberport Johor to recruit talents and skilled knowledge workers, we work closely with institutions of higher learning, human resource consulting firms and engage with the Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS), a government capacity building initiative managed by Khazanah Nasional Berhad as we acknowledge that availability of quality man power which meets the industry standards is an on-going issue faced by the ICT companies in the State. The partnerships will allow us to channel knowledge workers to ICT companies by enabling industry and academia linkage.

Access to Funding
MSC Cyberport in collaboration with debt funders and venture capitalists provide funding to potential qualified ICT companies and funding related seminars are conducted consistently to coach and hand-hold the ICT companies on the grant/fund application procedure.

Enjoy the Benefits of Both worlds
Its strategic location being just next to Singapore allows global ICT companies to base their back-office business in MSC Cyberport Johor and yet to maintain their Sales office in Singapore. Commuting between Johor and Singapore is very convenient either via the Causeway or Second Link Bridge. MSC Cyberport Johor offers a lower cost of doing business and ICT companies can leverage on the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantee financial incentives to maximize its benefits.

Outsourcing Hub
MSC Cyberport Johor aims to be a Shared Services Outsourcing (SSO) hub as it offers an ideal location to base your business due to its cost and location advantage. The state has a widespread usage of English and educated workforce with multi-lingual which can provide the required man-power. This will create additional new high value job opportunities in Iskandar Malaysia and strengthen MSC Cyberport’s goal as an outsourcing hub in the region.